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Live Sharing

Live sharing makes it easy to send and share your location with friends in real time with one tap.


Swarm Map

Use the live Swarm Map to quickly view and find the most popular places with the best buzz – as its happening.


Local Buzz

Local Buzz is your leader board of nearby buzzing swarms. The hot trending, pubs, clubs, restaurants, gigs, venues, groups and lots more.. right now.

What is Swarmly?

Swarmly is a next generation social traffic information platform for people places and crowds. The free Swarmly iPhone & Android app gives you access to our real time swarm map of social hotspots, trending venues and groups of people.

Imagine being able to see where all your friends and the action is – set on top of a live interactive map, as it happens. Now you can!


What is a Live Sharing?

Live sharing is a quick and easy way to share you location. Turn on live sharing either anonymously or or with an image and hit the share button to send to friends.


What is a swarm?

A Swarm is any place where there are Swarmly users. The more users in the place, the larger the swarm will become. All you need is the Swarmly app and to be there.


Why are there no swarms in my area?

Swarmly is just out the wrapper and brand spanking new. We need sharp new people to pioneer their social adventure and share the world around them. If there are no swarms in your area… turn on live sharing to find friends and we’ll let you know when a Swarm happens nearby.


Why can I see swarms all over the world?

By default we don’t filter swarms, everyone sees the global view. To filter to just around you, check out the swarm type or distance filters which are available from the button in the top right of the map, trends and local buzz. To see more things in your country outwith the filters, try zooming out using the map.


OK, why?

Discover the world around you … in real-time, on your phone.


Quickly see if your favourite places are busy, discover new places, get an idea of the kind of crowd there and what events or buzz are happening right now. All from your phone, wherever you are.


No longer will you need to guess if its worth going out tonight. Is it busy today? What events are happening? Where are we going next? What places are busy and fun tonight? Are there any bands playing? etc etc


My venue isn’t on Swarmly!

We are using foursquare venues, so if your venue is in the foursquare database, we should be able to find it on Swarmly. If you are nowhere near a venue, or your venue can’t be found, get in touch.


I’m at the wrong Swarm

If Swarmly has guessed your swarm incorrectly (we try our best to determine your venue, but if there are lots in one place, we don’t always get it right), you can correct the swarm from the “Change Swarm” button. Let us know if you are never at that swarm or are somewhere else.


What is BUZZ?

When you are in a swarm, you can post a buzz. A buzz is made up of 3 parts:


    • – A message.. any message you like. Any comment you have about the swarm.


    • – A hashtag.. create a hashtag or select hashtags created by other users to describe events, what’s going on or your experience within a swarm. Tags can be used across multiple swarms. So, for instance, within trending tags, if someone tags swarms with #coffee, we can show you every swarm with that tag.


  • – A sentiment.. when creating your hashtags, you can determine whether its a positive, neutral or negative sentiment.
    •     — Green: GOOD
    •     — Blue: MEH
    •     — Red: BAD


With this, we can present what places people are particularly enjoying or conversely, which places people are currently not enjoying.


We use an algorithm based on how many people are present and the swarms tags to determine how prominent the swarm becomes on the map. If a swarm is particularly popular it will begin getting additional “halos”.


How do I see more information about a swarm?

Tap on any swarm from the map or local buzz to access its venue page. This gives its name, shows its location on the map and if you scroll down a little we give you a breakdown of the average age, gender split, what days are busiest, what days are most popular, as well as how many buzzes/swarmers have been here over time.


You can also select Tags/Buzz to see a selection of current or previous tags and buzz posted.


I still have questions….

Great! Please send them (or feature requests) on to @Swarmly or email us at hello@swarmly.co and we will get an answer posted here.


Lots of improvements, updates and features coming soon!