SXSW Roundup

So it has been a couple of weeks since SXSW and I just wanted to write a quick post to talk about some of the highlights and outcomes for Swarmly.

Firstly, we need to say thanks to a whole lot of people that made the trip and the app possible.

Xem them bi quyet tang do ben cho san go cong nghiep .

From a range of organisations from Entrepreneurial Spark, UK Trade & Investment, Scottish Development International, Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway – Leah Mayo, Caitlin McGill, Blake Hutchinson, Rupert Mills, Denise O’Connor.

With enough business cards, sticker and flyers to choke a horse (and worry a TSA agent) we touched down in Austin, Texas for SXSWi to try and promote our smartphone app at probably one of the most over-subscribed technology conferences in the world.

Austin provides an amazing backdrop to the most gruelling of schedules, freest of bars and the smokiest of meats. You can see everyone from Elon Musk to Al Gore talk on all sorts of tech related topics, watch bands and new movies from all over the world – with so much to see and do – we needed a plan.

We prepared to pitch every hungover, jaded, hoarse techie, VC, blogger and passer-by from all over the world who turn up in one place every year to be bombarded with marketing and let the newest tech, music, movies and alcohol wash over them and see what sticks – and we think we did a pretty good job.

By the end of the week between the interviews, demo days, events and press coverage – along with launching the android version of the app – we had a healthy swarm going in Austin and added another few thousand users and a whole shed-load of new contacts.

  Những cung Hoàng đạo tỏa ra sức hút khó cưỡng, đi đâu cũng được săn đón nồng nhiệt

Check out some of the press we picked up during and after:



Scoble Interview:

CNN Mexico:

Lets keep the buzz going.

Xem them App chup hinh dep tai day.