What is Swarmly?

We love location. We love location based apps, they help us find and share the world around us. Discovering, locating and sharing the physical locations in the world has never been easier, but finding the places that are good right now is hard! We search for events, bar hop to find good music and people [ View Post… ]

Trough of Happiness

Hello, we are Swarmly. We are a small boot-strapped startup based in Glasgow, Scotland. Try the app here: http://itun.es/ibD37t or http://swarmly.co Our mission is to be an instant answer to the question “where should we go?”, a real time interactive map of where the action is, your social satnav. Tham khao bi quyet su dung [ View Post… ]

SXSW Roundup

So it has been a couple of weeks since SXSW and I just wanted to write a quick post to talk about some of the highlights and outcomes for Swarmly. Firstly, we need to say thanks to a whole lot of people that made the trip and the app possible. Xem them bi quyet tang [ View Post… ]